An 8-Part Intro To The Petmate Cleanstep Litter Dome

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litter box for cats

Although numerous accessories are available for cats, certain accessories are more important than others. As a cat owner, you're going to need to purchase a litter box. Some cats don't necessarily use litter boxes, but most do, especially cats that stay indoors instead of going outside.

Providing your cat with a litter box means giving the animal a private and comfortable place to use the bathroom. You need to make sure that you're filling the litter box up with plenty of litter before the cat begins using it. After you purchase or adopt a cat, you may need to test out some of the different litter brands to see which one the animal personally prefers.

 best litter box

1Start With Training

You would need to select a type of litter that your cat doesn't mind using. Then, get the animal familiar with using a litter box. It's important to understand the training process.

It can take several weeks or even an entire month. But this does not only depend on your pet's cooperation. It also depends on your own persistence.

litter box for cats

2Keeping The Box Clean

A litter box must be cleaned out often. If it's not cleaned out regularly, it's going to have a bad odor. You may even put your cat at risk of getting sick if you're not cleaning the box often enough. An unclean litter box is a breeding zone for bacteria. Many cats don't like to use the bathroom in a litter box that is full of feces.

In addition to cleaning the box to keep your cat healthy, you should make sure that you're taking care of the litter box. This will keep your home smelling good. You don't want to smell cat urine and feces throughout your home because you didn't clean the box.

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3Choosing The Ideal Size For Your Cat

There are many types of litter boxes available in different sizes. Choosing a litter box that isn't big enough for your cat will become a problem. It's better to just go with a larger option, even though the larger litter boxes tend to cost a bit more than the smaller ones.

If you're the owner of more than one cat, you'll definitely need to spend money on the larger litter boxes. These larger options for multiple cats tend to come with separated sections so that each cat can have its own space. Figure out where you'll put the box since you may need a lot of space if you're buying one of the larger litter boxes.

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4Preventing A Bad Odor

Some litter boxes are more advanced and come equipped with different odor-control features. However, the best way to keep the litter box from smelling bad is to make sure that you're cleaning it out regularly. Even so, it's good to have a litter box that is going to help control some of those scents to keep the home smelling fresh.

Some of the odor-control litter boxes come with an enclosure that helps to seal the bad odors inside instead of spreading them out throughout the home. Some options have been made using plastic that already has a pleasant scent to it. The purpose of these litter boxes is to provide additional odor protection.

 petmate litter dome

5The Features Of This Litter Dome

One of the odor-control litter boxes is the Petmate Cleanstep Litter Dome. It has an enclosure on it to lock in any odors that may come from the box after the cat has used the bathroom. It consists of plastic material and is available in several different colors. The litter box even has a convenient handle attached to the top of it so that you can transport it when necessary.

It's a stylish and convenient litter box. It comes equipped with certain features that make things more convenient for those who own cats. It's a much larger litter box, and it provides enough space for cats that are on the larger size.

petmate clean step litter dome

6One Of The Best Options On The Market

This particular type of litter box is one of the best options available on the market. It has a unique carbon filter designed to trap odors inside the box, keeping them from coming out and smelling up the home. It's such a breeze to clean because you can easily remove the lid from the box to start scooping the contaminated litter out in seconds. The litter box has a modern design that makes it look more aesthetically pleasing inside the home. It's even available in a few different colors.

The steps that are attached to this litter box are convenient and useful, eliminating issues with tracking. Although it's made of plastic, it is quite durable and was designed to last. It's a great product to purchase if you have one cat or multiple cats.

7Know What Other People Think

Many of the people who've purchased this litter box have been pleasantly surprised by its ability to control odors. They appreciate the ease of cleaning it out by removing the top and having easy access to the litter. Even the plastic itself is easy to wipe down.

There were very few customers complaining about getting an incorrect filter when purchasing this type of litter box. Although frustrating, the customers did end up receiving the proper filter after contacting the company. There weren't many other negative things said about this particular litter box brand.

 petmate litter dome

8Making Your Buying Decision

The litter box will cost you more than the average litter box. It is worth it. That is because it comes with a lot of neat and convenient features.

It's possible to get it while it's on sale at around $50. You may be able to find it at your local pet shop. You can also purchase it on Amazon.

 best litter box

You will want to have a durable litter box. It would also be best if it has an odor-control feature. This is a perfect choice.

You've read the review. Therefore, you may be able to decide if it's right for you. Hopefully, you can select the best litter box for the cat you've recently adopted or purchased.

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