13 Tips For Choosing The Best Litter Box For Your Cat

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There are many cats out there being sent to shelters because they did not learn how to use litter boxes properly. One thing that people get wrong is that the cat usually knows how to do it, but the problem is the litter box; it does not meet the hygienic standards of the cat. Cats have a better sense of smell than humans, which means that a litter box that's dirty will have a more putrid scent on the nose of the cat when compared to yours. You should always choose a litter box that will be able to fulfill the needs of the cat. You should make sure that the cat is able to finish its business without having to cause any mess.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to litter boxes, and this can make it a little hard for you to choose the right one for your cat. Many people will go through different options before finding the best litter box for their cats; you can just opt to choose the best litter box in the store and skip the entire trial period and save money. If the litter box you have selected is too small or too dirty, then the cat will start looking for a much cleaner place so it can do its business. Below are some tips that will go a long way in helping you choose the right litter box for your cat.

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1Size Of Your Cat

This should always play a significant role in choosing a litter box for your cat. There is a great rule of thumb that experts recommend when it comes to the size of a litter box; it should be one and a half times the length of your cat. If you are not able to find a litter box in such dimensions, then you should always opt for the bigger options and never a smaller one.

You will never go wrong with a litter box that is too big. In fact, if you opt for a smaller litter box, you will see that the cat will disregard it and will look for an area to urinate in. If you have a cat that is overweight or large in size and cannot fit into a standard size litter box, it will be hard for the cat to fit in, and it will be hard for them to use the litter box. If you have kittens, then you should always choose a litter box that has been specifically made for them.

2Covered Litter Boxes

There are many people out there who think that this is a good thing for a cat because it provides it with privacy and litter scatter control. What this does is keep the odor locked in, which the cat won't like. This is because the cat has a very sensitive sense of smell, and this will prevent it from using the litter box because there isn't proper air circulation.

You should avoid these litter boxes, especially when you have a large cat because it will make the cat feel like it is clamped in a tight space. The head will not be able to extend past the perimeter of the litter box when you use covered litter boxes. This will make it harder for the cat to stretch out and finish its daily hygienic routine.

3Uncovered Litter Boxes

If you have a cat that needs a lot of space for it to go to the bathroom, then this will be the best option. This is because the litter boxes that are uncovered provide more access than the covered ones because all the cat has to do to use it is to jump into it. You should make sure that the sides are low enough to make it easier for the cat to climb in and out. The easier it is for your cat to do this, then the more frequent it will be able to use it.

If the cat you have has the tendency of spraying in the litter box, you should choose the litter boxes that are uncovered and have high sides. Most of the litter boxes will have one side high, and the other side will be low, which the cat can use to enter and leave the box. The open litter box you choose must be deep enough so that the cat can easily get in, do their business, and dig a hole, then cover up the litter. If a cat has been diagnosed with arthritis, then it will have a hard time getting in and out of the box if the sides are too high.

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4Setting Up The Litter Box

Before you can take your new feline friend home, it is a good idea to ask the breeder more about the type of litter box that was used by the cat. If the cat has been trained, you can easily make a transition to a different one. If you have more than one cat in your home, then you should always ensure that each one of them has a separate litter box. When you force them to share the litter boxes, then you are promoting a dirty environment that leaves bad smells and can breed diseases. Some experts even recommend having a backup litter box on top of the one your cat has.

Once you have decided whether to choose an uncovered or covered litter box, the next thing to put into consideration is where the litter box will be placed. The litter box should be placed in an area that doesn't have obstacles or clutter so that the cat can have easy access. The area you place the litter box should also be quiet so that it doesn't provide any distractions to your cat.

5Things To Keep In Mind

Cats love privacy and quiet when doing their business, and this is the same thing that humans expect when they go to the bathroom. The bathroom is not associated with food, and this mentality applies to cats as well. You should never have any food or water placed near a litter box. This is because the cat will find itself disregarding doing its business anywhere close to food and water, and this will force them to start looking for a different place they can finish up their business.

There are times that, even when people have the perfect litter box setup, and they know that it is ready to use, the cats still urinate on other surfaces in the house. You will find many cats peeing on houseplants because they have the same type of setup as a litter box. Using the houseplant is something common, but you should not worry because the litter box will be the first option for the cat to use. If you want to avoid having your cat associating the litter box with the houseplants, you should have the houseplants placed in a different area, away from the litter box. Another trick recommended by experts is to cover the soil of the plant using rocks or tin foils, and the cat will not be able to use the houseplants for its business.

6Cleaning The Litter

You will always need to make sure that the litter box has been properly cleaned and maintained because cats tend to have a more sensitive sense of smell. If the litter box is too dirty, then the cat will start to run in the opposite direction to look for a place where it can finish its business, which is not good. The litter box will be able to hold the excrement and urine of the cat. The litter boxes will need to be properly cleaned, and the process will involve the use of a diluted bleach solution and towel. More advanced ones have built-in cleaning features that have both manual and automatic functions.

Many of the cat owners will recommend the use of clumping cat litter over the other options because it will be far much easier when it comes to maintenance. Clumping cat litter contains a unique material, referred to as bentonite, that will make the process of scooping the excrement and urine much more efficient because there is no need of emptying the whole box for it to be properly cleaned. When the cat has finished doing its business, the litter will end up forming a sold clump shape, and this will be easy to scoop. This means that you will be scooping out sections that have clumps instead of cleaning out the entire litter, and this will end up saving you a lot of time and effort.

Recommendations by experts suggest the scooping to be done two to three times per day and especially if you are using clumping cat litter. The number of times to scoop will vary when you use other varieties. You should always remember that there is a wide range of options for cat litter that you can find, ranging in texture and material. Experts recommend the use of clumping cat litter that has features for odor treatment.

Ideas On Choosing The Right Litter Box

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7Standard Vs. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Although standard litter boxes are specially designed to collect your cat's or pet's waste, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is clean at all times. To many people, spot cleaning helps get rid of any waste in the litter bin while keeping it spotlessly clean. Most cat lovers use diluted bleaching solutions to help clean any stains on the walls and inside the litter box. You may also need to use a scooper to scoop out waste-filled sections of the box. Keeping the litter box clean is not only good for the cat but also gives the litter box a longer lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are also a preferred option for some pet or cat lovers. As the name indicates, the litter box has an automatic cleaning system that removes any waste without your intervention. Such a feature comes in handy, especially if you live a busy lifestyle, hence less time to clean the litter box. Although the box may be automated, you still need to remove the disposable container once it's full, empty it, then rinse it for the next cycle. You can, therefore, choose between the self-cleaning litter box and the much cheaper, standard, manual litter box.

8Clean The Litter Box Accessories

The scooper should be cleaned once you're done scooping the waste. This can be done minutes after cleaning the litter box. Leaving the scooper dirty only creates an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, and using a dirty scooper in the litter box will bring in or introduce harmful bacteria to the same.

Some of these microbes cause diseases and infections to cats, one of the reasons you need to keep the box clean in the first place. Some people use the scooper when cleaning the litter box. You, however, need to be careful when spot cleaning with the scooper to avoid breaking the urine balls.

9Modkat Litter Box

Keeping the litter box clean without proper cleaning supplies can be disheartening and tiring at the same time. If your litter box didn't come with the essential tools (as most first-time cat owners will notice), you might have to buy these separately. Buying individually some of these essentials will, however, cost you more than you would have spent on a complete kit. For this reason, it would be advisable to shop around for litter boxes and only go for those that come equipped with the essential tools. Modkat Litter Box is an excellent example of a fully equipped litter box.

This litter box has several handy features meant to make your work easier. Some of the features of the Modkat Litter Box include a litter scooper, a seamless base, a fitted tension band, grated top lid (with a locking feature), and a covered litter box design; the dimensions of the reusable liner are 16x16x10 inches. Weighing approximately 14 pounds, you get to choose between different designs and colors, with orange, black, and white being the most common. The litter box has a nine-inch diameter entry point, which is big enough for the average-sized cat to hop in with ease. The entrance leads to an enclosed box, which is big enough for a cat that's at 16 inches high and 15 inches long.

To the first-time cat owner, the covered litter box seems too small for the average-sized cat, which isn't entirely the case. Modkat Litter Boxes are specially designed to provide as much room as possible to ensure that the cat is comfortable while inside. The only precaution you ought to take when shopping for a covered litter box is to ensure that its dimensions are the same as your cat's. This is especially important for individuals with large cats.

As an added advantage, the Modkat Litter Box design helps trap and keep odors inside. Thus, this leaves your home feeling fresh, even with the litter box in the living room. The science behind trapping any odors inside lies with the reusable liner fitted with a tension band. The liner is also a bit smaller than the litter box, which makes mounting relatively easy. Cleaning both the litter box and the liner is easy, too, as all you need to do is remove the liner, have it cleaned thoroughly, then install it back in place.

Although the market may already be flooded with other litter box designs and brands, Modkat Litter Box surpasses their design, efficiency, and ease of cleaning. Cat owners with the Modkat Litter Box kit find it much easier to clean and maintain. It's also a healthier option for your cat. Costing less than $100, this is the ideal choice for many cat owners today.

10Good Pet Stuff Litter Box

Almost all traditional litter boxes have the same design and are spacious with or without a covered top; these boxes, however, do not complement the design of the house, hence noticeable from afar. The much newer litter box designs are, however, better designed and visually appealing. Good Pet Stuff Litter Box is an excellent example of a new and upgraded litter box; among other features, this litter box has a distinctive look resembling a plant clay pot. This is because its base is made of a clay pot base with plants nested between its top and bottom. Guests won't be able to tell it's a litter box unless they're told so.

If looking for an inconspicuous litter box to add as a feature in the house, then Good Pet Stuff Litter Box is worth checking out. Aside from adding a more natural look and appeal to the house, this is considered one of the largest litter boxes you will find on the market today. Without the plant on top, the litter box is about 21 inches high, hence ideal for families with huge cats. Cats weighing up to 14 pounds will find this litter box quite comfortable and spacious enough.

This litter box is made of polypropylene and fitted with a filtered ventilation system. You also get a one-year warranty for purchasing the Good Pet Stuff Litter Box. Measuring at around 20x21 inches, this litter box is enough for more than one cat; the entrance measures 9x9 inches, hence enough for huge cats. The entire package comes with a clay pot, moss, and a plant. You, however, may have to buy a liner or litter pan separately upon making the purchase.

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11Petmate Litter Box

If you're looking to buy a litter box with an innovative design and approach, then the Petmate Litter Box may be just what you need. Unlike other litter boxes that use the same conventional design and shape, this one is dome-shaped. The litter box is uniquely designed to improve comfort and privacy for your cat when relieving itself. The Petmate Litter Box is white in color, hence resembling the igloo litter box.

Among other handy features, the Petmate Litter Box has a curved step design for improved privacy and comfort. Unlike others in its class, this litter box gives your cat total freedom and privacy while relieving itself. Cats are pretty cautious and secretive, especially when relieving themselves, which is the reason this litter box was designed. The added steps in the litter box are designed to allow the cat to remove litter attached to its paws. You'll, therefore, rarely see litter trail on your carpet or floor from the litter box; the fact that the cat's paws are clean also means that you never have to worry about odor creeping into your house or car.

The litter box is made of durable plastic (BPA-free) and comes with a removable dome, filter, and handle. Cats of all sizes will also find the Petmate Litter Box big enough and comfortable. This is because the entire litter box measures 22.5x22.5x19 inches, which is big enough even for the largest household cats. As the design and name suggest, the litter box is meant to be your cat's mansion. It is also considered to be among the largest litter boxes out there.

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12Litter-Robot III

As mentioned earlier on, litter boxes come in two variants, manual and self-cleaning litter boxes. With a manual litter box, you have to scoop out litter manually as well as clean dirty parts of the same. You, however, do not need to clean automatic or self-cleaning litter boxes. Self-cleaning litter boxes are more advanced and technologically improved, fit for the modern society. Litter-Robot III is a good example of self-cleaning litter boxes.

The Litter-Robot III has self-cleaning capabilities and among the best-selling litter boxes out there. With this in your house, you'll never have to get your hands dirty when cleaning the litter box. This litter box is specially designed to clean the cat's waste consistently and adequately without leaving any mess behind. This leaves the litter box free of bacteria, dirt, and foul smell all day long.

The Litter-Robot III is fully automated in that it has an adjustable cycle timer, which activates automatically once the cat goes to relieve itself. The timer activates the self-cleaning feature automatically once the cycle is complete, thus keeping the litter box free of waste all day long. During the cleaning cycle, the built-in feature will start removing any waste and other lumps into the waste container (usually located at the bottom). The self-cleaning process takes approximately two minutes, depending on the volume and quantity of the mess.

Aside from the self-cleaning feature, the Litter-Robot III is big enough to accommodate large cats, has a waste drawer indicator, eight-hour sleep mode, an automatic night light, and a filtration chamber; it is also ergonomically designed to help keep your cats comfortable and complement items in your house. The chamber can be used by more than one cat at a time, which, again, saves you on litter box expenses. Depending on how long your cat stays in the litter box, you can adjust the self-cleaner for up to a 15-minute delay. The Litter-Robot III also comes equipped with a self-adjusting timer and sensor that stops the cleaning process should the cat jump in again or another one goes in; this feature comes in handy should the cat have a runny stomach or decide to linger a little bit longer in the box. You also get a light notification if the waste container is full, which means that it's time to empty it out.

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13PetSafe Litter Box

This is classified among the best automatic litter boxes with self-cleaning capabilities. Unlike other automated litter boxes, the PetSafe Litter Box doesn't require manual scooping. This is to say that your cat can use the litter box for days without you worrying about the waste. The manufacturers have incorporated several additional features that ensure the litter box remains clean and free from waste without your intervention. In addition to this, you don't need other accessories or furniture with PetSafe Litter Box.

This litter box has an efficient disposable system designed to perform scoop-free cleaning by using disposable trays. All you need to do is set the intervals at which the cleanup process will begin, then let the system take charge. The system works by removing odor, absorbing urine, and dehydrating solid waste using Blue Premium Crystal Litter. There's also a reduced risk of waste sticking on the cat's paws, as the Blue Premium Crystal Litter has an entirely different chemical composition. This makes it hard to stick to the cat's claws and fur, which is unlike regular litter used on other litter boxes.

With dimensions of 27.5x19x7 inches, the PetSafe Litter Box comes equipped with a leak-proof tray; the litter box self-cleaning mechanism has a waiting period of 20 minutes, after which the dehydration process begins. It is also worth noting that you are required to buy more disposable trays over time. This may be a few months after purchasing the litter box. You, however, get a 90-day money-back guarantee on making your order of the PetSafe Litter Box. Although you are required to purchase a fresh supply of the disposable trays, the PetSafe Litter Box is considerably more efficient, economical, and a better pick for your cats as compared to the competition.

While quite friendly, cats do love to scratch, dig, and look for comfortable places to hide when relieving themselves. It would, therefore, be advisable to look for the right-sized litter box for your cat. Several factors, such as how big your cat is and how many they are, should be considered when shopping for a litter box.

When buying a litter box, consider going for larger-sized litter boxes that will accommodate your cat should it get bigger or fatter. Consider shopping around to get the best quality and bargain for your money. The reviews outlined above are only meant to give you an insight into what to expect and information on some of the known brands out there. Check the features first before making an order online.

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